The Encyclopedia of Country Living

The Encyclopedia of Country Living

The Encyclopedia of Country LivingThe Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery is a valuable resource for any prepper, homesteader, or self-sufficiency library. It’s also a jump-off point to find the information which you are missing. The writing is light-hearted, yet, it doesn’t lessen the value of its core message. You are a better person by country living.

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US Military Publications

US Military Publications

The US Military Services have put in thousands, maybe millions of hours into these documents. You can take advantage of that for certain parts of your preparedness.

Many of these titles can easily find a home in your Reference Library.

This post will be cleaned up, split, improved, some links added and so on. It’s worth known what’s out there for now. Check the PSL shop for some free downloads.

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The Disaster Diaries by Sam Sheridan

The Disasters Diaries by Sam SheridanThe Disaster Diaries by Sam Sheridan gives perspective into how one man, a new dad, became a prepper and why.

First of all, the book answers often asked questions on what prepping is and how far would you go in your preparedness. Mr. Sheridan arranges the book by stages which would be recognizable to anyone who has started prepping, but also to those who are interested in becoming prepared. He mixes small smartly written and entertaining introductions and conclusions in the form of fiction in each chapter, this is in my view refreshing and adds a bit of levity to such a serious topic.

One day Mr. Sheridan has a wake-up call. which in no uncertain terms makes him prepare. That wake-up call is one we can not escape: the birth of a child.

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