You’re on Your Own, or are you?

You’re on Your Own, or are you?

Do you have to be on your own? A group may be inevitable, do you need to be in one? where would you fit in a group? I can ask more questions, but there is no need for that. Going solo as a prepper is difficult, to say the least. So, ask yourself if you’re on your own?

So where is the line between solo and collaboration? Find that fine line for your plans and situation. For me, it was family, of course, and a couple of other families to make up a larger group. It works for me.

Do not confuse a group effort and collaboration for loss of individual freedom, preparedness, and survival. Everyone that can have to learn and do, to keep their spot in a group. I hope you don’t ever have to make a tough decision, such as leaving someone out of your support group.

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Our little secret: First Steps into preparedness

Our Little Secret

Do you feel like you have to hide your preparedness efforts? Are you afraid of ridicule from friends and family? Are you paranoid that someone will want your preparedness? Do you find it prudent to keep your plans under wraps? Should you tell anyone of your plans? Do you feel like you have to take your first steps into preparedness?

If you answered yes to any of these, I am with you. Certain government agencies profess preparedness, be ready, and so on, yet there is an element of group shame in it, strange confidence that everything is going to be OK, though every summer the tornadoes come through, the heatwave, the snow.

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Prepare Survive Live: A Warning to Myself

A Warning to Myself

I live in an epicenter of superlatives, where the benefits stopped outweighing the drawbacks eons ago. New York, New York, the city so nice they named it twice.

That was a warning. One day I decided to prepare, survive, and live.

New York, NY [Pop. 1.6 million] which turns out to a fairly packed 69,771 people per sq. mi. of natives. This figure balloons to over 170,000 / sq. mi every day. When you stack all kinds of daily working migrants and picture-taking tourists pouring money down attractions which can barely be called attractions.

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Concepts to Aid in Emergency Preparedness

Concepts to Aid in Emergency Preparedness

Preparing for any unforeseen emergency does not have to change your life, does it? It’s easy to take a fresh brand new credit card with a $5,000 limit and get yourself a bug-out-bag, food for a year, and everything else that comes with prepping. There is no mystery or magic to it, perhaps a slight effort in an organization and becoming fit.

Prepping has become monetized, it’s an industry! You buy and buy more for any given emergency that can come your way. These concepts to aid in emergency preparedness help you stay on your target and free yourself from someone else pocket.

Concepts to Aid in Emergency Preparedness

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